Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When I was a little girl....

When I was a young girl there used to be a show on that was called Touched by an Angel. Maybe some of you remember it? It was a show about angels from heaven that came to earth to give a message to a certain person or persons, from God. Each episode showed God's love and also showed His example through these angels. My family and I used to watch it every week for a few years. I remember being mesmerized by these angels and this show. At the time my family had stopped going to church, which lasted for years. Even as a young girl I missed church and God. I felt unconnected. I can remember writing down songs I could remember from church so that I would not forget them someday. I'd sit in my room singing them sometimes. Once I even made my own communion to give myself!

I longed to be back in a community of believers. This show stirred something in me that I was missing. It taught me some simple truths about God and life. I remember thinking I wish I could be an angel when I grow up! Now as I watch this show on reruns I still tear up when I hear that God loves these people, regardless of what they have done and has a plan for their life. I am still shocked and excited for the characters when they turn away from their old life to embark on a new one with God!

Then I realized something God has given me a career that is the next best thing to being an angel...being a counselor. He's given me the opportunity to enter into the deepest part of people's hearts. I get to see Him working in others. How He always enters others pains and answers prayers. He always has a plan. He is an amazing, consistant God and I feel honored to be one of His many helpers and servants!