Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye '09

I can't believe that another whole year has flown by. It seems with age that the years go quicker and quicker which many told me would happen. A whole decade has gone by, one that I can remember much of, which is new for me because much of the 90s is blurry...come on I was in grade school for most of it. 2000 came with much anticipation when I was in 8th grade and just shy of 14. I went through all my years of high school, college and half of Grad school in this decade so there are many happy and of course sad memories that go along with the close of this decade. Now I wish I could say I was highlighting the whole decade but I don't have the time or the patience to do so. So instead I did this year, 2009. I reflected on all the good and bad that did happen this year. Like many years it was a difficult, busy but blessed one. So here is the top 20 things that happened this year to me...

1. Carrie visited me for the first time in PA (She was in Africa for months)
2. I was being laid off because they were moving the business all to Pittsburgh.
3. A new Job in February at Greatwide Truckload Management
4. Levi (nephew) turned 2 years old
5. Finished my first year of Grad School
6. Dean’s (my father-in-law) 50th Birthday Party
7. Jude Gabriel (2nd nephew) is born June 1st
8. Donated my hair in honor of my Grandmother being Cancer free for about three years!
9. Had my first Wedding Anniversary with my honey. PS: the second year gets better! ;)
10. Ellie (my niece) turned 1 year old
11.First time visits to Philly and other exploring in the area
12. Got into a car accident, rear-ended by someone
13. Celebrated a year in PA
14. Justin’s Nanny and Grandpa’s 50th Surprise Anniversary Party
15. Cinelle and Jenni’s move to Athens, GA (Miss them!)
16. My friend Amanda had her baby (lilTonio)
17. Began 2nd year of Grad School
18. Officially became Jude’s godmother at his Baptism
19. Counseled alone for the first time outside the classroom (they were acting tho)
20. My grandfather continued to struggle with dementia during this year but celebrated his 80th Birthday with family and had a great time.

So much happened this year, and even now I can think of more good and bad things that happened. This year was filled with doubt, worry, disappointment, love, encouragement and growth. Even just writing this list makes me thankful for all of it, even some of the bad things. It reminds me that sometimes even the hardest times in life are for a reason and that we cannot see the whole picture or what is coming around the corner in our own life. I am thankful mostly this year for a God who really does love me and never gives up on me, even when I deserve it! I also am thankful for how he shows me this love everyday that I live. He brings amazing friends and family into my life that show me what He is really like and gives me a slice of His love for me to see here on earth.

Thank you Jesus, Justin, family and friends for a great year!

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