Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A City I once knew

New York City for me is like looking through a photo album of my past life or reading a familiar book again from a particular time in my past. Walking through the streets, passing places I once stayed for hours at a time or shared a special time with, walking the halls of my Alma mater, and seeing the faces that I have grown to know so well is so nostalgic for me. Going there is so different then I thought it would be. I picture people and places just how I left it. Or to feel as if I’ll feel like I should move back. But honestly none of these things came true. It feels so different. It almost reaffirms my sometimes regretful decisions to have left in the first place. Don’t be misinformed, no city could be in my heart like NY is and if I could move all the people with me wherever I go I would. But I feel as of right now that my schooling, my pursuit of developing a good marriage independent from our families and friends and of course following God’s will is most important right now.

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