Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A straight path

So many people ask Christians how they really know that there even is a God or that He cares about us the way Christians portray He does. I've thought of this a lot, especially in times of doubt....Yes even Christians doubt sometimes and that's okay people. But it's faith that brings me back to the my original beliefs that there is indeed a God and He loves us so much that he intercedes in our lives all the time. Today was one of those kinds of days. The kind of day that you just knew that you would need God and then he showed up in the most amazing way. No, He didn't speak directly to me or come to see me at my apartment.

I was driving into work in an ice storm. We had a couple of inches of snow and then freezing rain on top of that. I was praying for a good portion of the trip as I slowly drove in. Then when I turned off the highway onto the back roads, the part I was scared the most of, all of a sudden two big trucks come out of no where and pass me. It was a plow and a salt truck! Did I also mention on the radio someone was talking about facing your fears?!? It just felt so appropriate. No, Jesus wasn't driving the plow. But for that moment I felt so loved and cared for like those trucks were sent just for me. Maybe they were and maybe they weren't, but it sure felt like one of those Wow God moments. Those moments you just know He's there and not only is He there but he loves you so much and He'll always "make your paths straight" or clear!

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